It is no secret that the casino and gambling industry has grown exponentially. Everyone wants to make money from gambling. While it is possible to make profits in gambling, the effects of addiction are adverse. Here are five symptoms that should raise the red flag if you are a frequent gambler.

Is gambling the first thing you think about in the when you wake up? Are you spending more of your time gambling and researching on value bets? Do gambling topics lead your conversations? All these might be early signs that you are getting hooked. The problem is that you won’t realize it as everything seems fine.

One of the strongest indications of gambling addiction is chasing losses. Immediately you lose a bet you place another one trying to recoup your lost money. The more you lose, the more you continue playing, and the cycle continues. It’s clear such gamblers have not set their budget, and that’s the biggest mistake.

Another classical symptom of gambling addiction is increasing the wager amount. If you started with betting a dollar and now you are doing $5 or more, ask yourself why? Is it because you are winning? No, your mind tells you that the easiest way to recover is to raise the stakes and lower the odds. That isn’t a winning hack; you will still lose.

Another sign of gambling addiction is cash flow problems especially if you are losing. Maintaining your finances becomes a problem, and you may find yourself borrowing money from family and friends. Then, debts start piling up, and that’s how you got in the trap.

Once you get hooked to gambling, you start having behavioral changes just like a drug addict. Suddenly, you become secretive because you don’t want people to notice your new addiction, and the frustration. You also become temperamental, especially when things aren’t going well. It may get worse to having social problems with your spouse, family, and friends.

Indeed, gambling has a negative impact if you get addicted. The problem is no one accepts that they are addicted. So, whenever you note these signs, it’s time to raise the red flag lest you fall into the bottomless pit.