You will agree that the internet has changed things for the better. The casino and gambling industry is among the sectors that have benefitted from the internet, and technology, through online gambling. Right now, you can take part in sports betting, or play online casino games, as well as live dealer games from the comfort of your home or office.

But behind the convenience, cheap bets, enticing bonuses, and the hype, online gambling is more dangerous than casino gaming, if not played responsibly. Here are three reasons why online gambling is more addictive than casino gaming.

As you all know, the overheads in a land casino are high, and so are the bet prices. In online gaming, there are cheap bets, with sports betting offering bets for less than a dollar, as well as online casino games for cents. Online gaming websites also offer crazy bonuses and discounts, as well as free trials which you can’t resist.

Another problem with online gambling is that you are always at the casino, as long as you have your laptop or Smartphone. At least with casino gambling, you can control your gambling, by avoiding casinos, and other establishments with gambling options. The easy access to online gambling games will surely make you an addict faster, than doing rounds to the casino and back to your place.

Another thing that makes online gambling a menace to compulsive gamblers is the easy deposit methods and payments in general. If you want to deposit, you can do so very quickly, courtesy of easy mobile and internet banking. So, while you may restrict your gambling because of the queues, and handling cash in a casino, online gambling is a trap. You’ll find yourself depositing money to your account, even after making a vow not to play again.

If you ask any online gambler, they will all tell you that online gambling is the real deal. It’s easier and cheaper to gamble online, than in a land casino. If you play responsibly, then you will enjoy online gambling, but if you don’t take care, it may end up destroying your life.